How Has Digital Art Shaped The World?

In what ways can you think of in which digital art has shaped the world? There are quite a few ways if you really get down to it, and the first one that comes to my mind is digital eBooks and how they have taken over. Yes, people still like traditional books, and they are everywhere, but eBooks are becoming more popular than ever.

As a writer, I am very familiar with how the industry is changing. I do not produce digital art, but I know how important it is to have the right art in order to sell books. Chiefly, you need a cover that is going to produce sales.

When publishing eBooks online, you are able to make your own covers using artwork and tools that they have available. However, the top-selling authors are having their covers produced for them by graphic designers. These covers look much better than standard covers used by authors who are just wanting to get their books out there without a professional cover designed for them.

It’s hard to want to take that step at times because professional covers can cost more money than people want to invest. Digital books are often priced cheaper than traditional print books, so getting a cover designed can really cut into the profits. If you’re a first-time author, then you might really be nervous about that type of investment.

I have been told that it pays off, however, as one of my writer friends always has her covers professional designed by graphic artists. There are also times when books call for illustrations inside the cover. Do you need a graphic artist to team up with you on your book project? Whether you just need the cover or multiple illustrations, graphic artists are on standby.


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