Digital Art – What Do You Know About Painting Digitally?

I don’t know about you, but when I think of digital art, painting isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Painting on traditional canvas is such a respected art form that it seems like it has always been the last art form to go digital. I remember using paintbrush tools on older computers and goofing around, but we’re talking about true digital painting nowadays with all the perks of advanced technology.

If you’re wanting to start producing digital art by way of painting digitally, Photoshop is one of the best programs. I was looking up a site regarding several tips for people interested in digital painting, and the first step was to select the canvas size that you want to use. You have to take into consideration not only your artwork but

printing options as well if you’re going to choose to print out your work.

Tablet setting is not as important they say, and one digital artist was saying that he uses the typical default setting. Values and layers are also important if you’re going to take things that far. You don’t have to use layers, but again, the artist that I was reading about was using them.

Your opacity level also matters, and this artist started with a lower level opacity until his artwork started becoming more defined. The opacity level he started with was around 50 percent, sometimes as low as 30. Brush type also matters, and did you know that you can even make your own custom brushes?

There are plenty of tutorials and tips for improving your digital painting skills. It is way more involved than I ever would have thought. It’s really neat though, and I was really surprised to see how far the digital world had gone to accommodate painting as an art form.


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